Premium Servicing Package


  • Premium Servicing for Continentals Made  Cars
  • Uses Shell Helix 5W-40 8L Engine Oil
  • FREE 24-points checks by our professional mechanics
  • Please contact us and make an Appointment Today!
  • Price subject to 7% GST
  • Additional charges will be levied for additional oil
  • Additional Charges for Orginal/Continental Oil filter
  • *Terms & Conditions Applies
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The 24-points check includes:

Change Engine Oil
Change Oil filter
Clean Air filter
Check Aircon Filter
Lighting Check
Check Alternator
Check Battery
Check Brake Condition
Check Fan Belt condition
Check Alternator Belt Condition
Check Aircon Belt Condition
Check Wheel Bearing Condition
Brake Fluid Check & top-up
Radiator Check & top-up
Aircon gas level check
Wiper Tank Top Up
Check Wiper condition
Tyre condition check
Water hose check
Check Steering Ball Joint
Check lower Arm
Check Drive Shaft dust cover check
Check Frt Shock Absorber
Check Rr Shock Absorber


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